DISCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT DIETING and How to Lose Weight Without Giving up the Foods you Like! 
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Chrissie Mitchell
Here’s what’s in store for you:
"There are 3 parts to this book. In the first part, I’ll lay out some alarming statistics about obesity and how it’s affecting both our personal well-being and our country overall.

I know you’ll be shocked to discover just how wrong current weight loss programs really are, and why most diets will never work – even though the weight loss and medical industries want you to believe otherwise.

In Part 2, I’ll reveal the true cause of weight gain. And surprise! It’s not just about eating too much and not exercising enough! Truly, the real reason which has been verified through years of research and testing, is so simple to understand – and to do something about - you’ll wonder why the diet industry continues to disregard it. Okay, maybe you won’t, once you understand why it’s so advantageous to the conventional system to keep you fat.

In Part 3, here’s where we get down to practicalities of how you are going to be able to lose all the fat you want while still eating your favorite foods. You’ll get a simple 3-step plan that will address the nutrients you need for the best results, how to choose the foods that will nourish you and keep you burning fat and how to create a diet and lifestyle plan that you can use for life. And because we know the mind-body connection is so powerful, I’ll show you some solid research and give you some tips on why you need to pay attention to your emotional and mental wellness so you can succeed at weight loss.

And finally, as a bonus and to ensure you have everything you need to succeed, I’ve included a selection of delicious nutritionist-approved recipes you and your family can enjoy while you’re on this program and beyond.

Success is within your grasp. I’ve done all the research and hard work to write this book so that you can benefit just like I did. I promise The BioFit Diet is real. It changed my life and I am confident it will change your life too. If you’re ready to take action and get on the last weight loss plan you will ever need, let’s get you started!"
* we 100% FREE Download - Instant Access

 your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
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